AR Pistol 5.56 or .300 BLK



  • Select any single color!
  • No brace or stock included, ONLY buffer tube to the rear to ensure cycle of the firearm
  • Select your barrel length: 5.56 NATO 5” 1:5 5R Twist, 7″ 1:8 Twist, or 10″ 1:8 Twist Pistol Length Barrel Nitride
  • Select your caliber: 5.56 NATO or .300 BLK
  • Smooth operating nitride BCG
  • AR-15 3.75″ or 7″ Super Slim Light Keymod Free Float Handguard
  • Email or call us for custom designs!

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AI Dark Earth H-250, Aztec Teal H-349, Barrett Bronze H-259, Barrett Brown H-269, Bazooka Pink H-244, Black Cherry H-319, Blood Orange H-322, Blue Raspberry H-329, Charcoal Green H-338, Chocolate Brown H-258, Cobalt Kinetics Green H-296, Cobalt Kinetics Slate H-295, Copper H-347, Copper Suede H-310, Crushed Orchid H-314, Crushed Silver H-255, Desert Sage H-247, Desert Verde H-256, FS Field Drab H-30118, Flat Dark Earth H-265, Forest Green H-248, Frost H-312, Glock FDE H-261, Green Mamba H-351, Smoked Bronze H-359, Patriot Blue H-362, Periwinkle H-357, Sangria H-348, Lemon Zest H-354, It's a Boy H-356, Island Green H-353, Terra Cota H-325, Sedona H-333, Platinum Brown H-298, Platinum Grey H-337, Frost H-312, Purplexed H-332, Pink Sherbet H-328, Parakeet Green H-331, Hazel Green H-204, Rose Gold H-327, Sunflower H-317, Polar Blue H-326, Multicam Olive H-344, Hi-Vis Orange H-346, Multicam Bright Green H-343, Multicam Pale Green H-339, Multicam Light Green H-340, Multicam Dark Green H-341, Multicam Dark Brown H-342, Multicam Dark Grey H-345, Ruby Red H-306, Habanero Red H-318, Squatch Green H-316, Tequila Sunrise H-309, Northern Lights H-315, Pink Champagne H-311, Ral 8000 H-8000, Jesse James Cold War Grey H-402, Jesse James Civil Defense Blue H-401, Stormtrooper White H-297, Midnight Bronze H-294, Vortex Bronze H-293, Troy Coyote Brown H-268, Magpul FDE H-267, Stone Grey H-262, SOCOM Blue H-245, Hidden White H-242, MIL Spec OD Green H-240, Midnight Blue H-238, Tungsten H-237, OD Green H-236, Coyote Tan H-235, Sniper Grey H-234, Magpul OD Green H-232, Magpul Foliage Green H-231, Sniper Green H-229, Tactical Grey H-227, Patriot Brown H-226, Mud Brown H-225, SIG Pink H-224, Crimson H-221, Ridgeway Blue H-220, Gun Metal Grey H-219, Bright Purple H-217, Firehouse Red H-216, Bull Shark Grey H-214, Battleship Grey H-213, Federal Brown H-212, SIG Dark Grey H-210, Mcmillan Tan H-203, Highland Green H-200, Desert Sand H-199, Wild Purple H-197, Armor Black H-190, Noveske Bazooka Green H-189, Magpul Stealth Grey H-188, Noevske Tiger Eye Brown H-187, Blue Titanium H-185, Glock Grey H-184, Robin's Egg Blue H-175, Sea Blue H-172, NRA Blue H-171, Titanium H-170, Sky Blue H-169, Zombie Green H-168, USMC Red H-167, Electric Yellow H-166, Shimmer Aluminum H-158, Bright Nickle H-157, Stainless H-152, Satin Aluminum H-151, Savage Stainless H-150, Copper Brown H-149, Burnt Bronze H-148, Satin Mag H-147, Graphite Black H-146, Corvette Yellow H-144, Benelli Sand H-143, Light Sand H-142, Prison Pink H-141, Bright White H-140, Steel Grey H-139, Snow White H-136, Combat Grey H-130, Hunter Orange H-128, Kel-Tec Navy Blue H-127, Gold H-122, Cobalt H-112, Gloss Black H-109, Matte Armor Clear H-300, Springfield FDE H-305, Springfield Grey H-304, Plum Brown H-298, Smith Wesson Grey H-214, Smith Wesson Red H-216

Barrel Length

5", 7", 10"


5.56 NATO, .300 BLK